Youtube trailer & theme thoughts.

Getting stared on this with new artwork and a short story.
Influences include:

Zelda windwaker intro and the intro voice in Princess Mononoke.

Music wise, something ambient but ideally guitar or flute with Peruvian influences.

Regarding theme.
Inti is the sun god of the Incas.
It never really occurred to me to theme the whole game around Peruvian culture, monkeys with Peruvian cholito clothing, Peruvian animals. I may start working on a complete new look. Only thing is, Incas did not use bow or arrows! But they did have bolas..

Something to think about anyways.


Want to change stones to Light orbs of Inti energy, maybe drops of light matter or something a little less solid and more fluid like.
I guess I only chose stones because I had a bag of rune stones which seemed to suit the game. I love the rustic fabric bag though…
To me personally it anchors memories of Peruvian markets, straw baskets, bags the smell still gives nostalgia.

Will meditate more on this.


The six cards work, but only 6 cards with skill that aren’t used that much isn’t that exciting as you don’t always get them and you can only have 1.

Perhaps if gaining a stone granted you an immediate roll on a table that allows player to:

  1. Teleport: May move model anywhere on the table
  2. Gain Arrows: May immediately win D3 Arrows (1-2: 1, 3-4: 2, 5-6: 3)
  3. Curse: May destroy one danger on the table (excluding monkey king and fogs)
  4. Free turn: May take a free turn
  5. Steal: May steal any tile from one nominated player.
  6. Ghost: May ignore the next Danger.

They could be called Songs of the Forest.

When ever a Kodame finds a stone, the forest sings a song granting the champion a special favor.



I made a heap of skill cards that players could gain from obtaining Inti Stones.
Though the players were excited to get stones for new skills, the cards themselves weren’t too useful.

Need to think of new ideas or “gifts” that can be gained. Perhaps a special weapon you can keep the entire game?
These could be equipped and collected as a set. If the set is acquired you gain a new stone.

Will give this ago.