Originally, this game was based in a post apocalypse desert and players had to find ancient parts from a cyberpunk civilization lost under the ground to create machines that helped settlements generate power. 

The style of game worked how ever the theme was a bit dark and I wanted to create something that children would find a bit more fascinating. Brighter colors, food and of course zombie monkeys!

It took a while to create the theme, based on stones and some Chinese folklore. 

The game gets players to search a massive forest for Inti stones, a source of power that Forest spirits need in order to help create life. Without it, the spirit of the forest would die and the animals would lose their homes. 

Within the forest how ever, also lie many hidden dangers that will try and stop players from fulfilling their mission; from thieving monkeys, to dangerous rats, crows and monsters such as demons and zombie monkeys called Zomkeys.

The first player to collect 5 Inti stones wins the game, which last from 15-30 minutes.


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