Started play testing with different audiences on the weekend. The response to the game initially was a bit of confusion, explaining the plot was a bit hard for non fantasy players so thinking of making it simpler:

“You play a Kodame champion, that needs to collect magic stones to restore power to their tree spirit.” 

The beer probably didn’t help, it was also a bit hard explaining everything at once, but once into the game though, players began to see how it worked and it became tactical, with people asking questions about game rules: Trading with other players, placing tiles diagonally, if its worth not defeating dangers.

By the end, players were surprised at how competitive and how well it worked. Two of the players were not really board gamers at all and it caught the interest of one of their daughters. It would be good to set up a game with younger players, which I had a chance to do at the time, but seeing as most were running around playing pretend, it would have been a mission to sit them down still for a game.


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