A lot of adventure style board games these days always have built in game characters. Being an RPG fan of “create your own character”, the choose a character with specific skills mechanic as never really sat well with me, even with standard board games. I guess its because in some, you cannot level up or improve your skills.
Mice and Mystics was one of these games but it worked because there was a linear story to it, it was more of a story book.

I like the idea of characters and skills, but without making the game complicated.
What makes a game complicated is basically too many rules; Mice and Mystics took for ever to set up and there were so many rules it was hard to keep up. my 10 year old son, who loved the artwork, the models and the idea of the game did not really like the actual game. I was always reading and forgetting rules, the game itself took too long to set up when we only ever ended up playing 1 or 2 scenarios.

I’ve made 6 models out of green stuff. Genderless kodame warriors each with different looks. This also made me wonder about 6 players on the game. Haven’t officially tested but by calculating stones and arrow heads in the game, I could not get 6 players to each have 5 stones at a time. I would need a total of 31 stones in the game to be found.
I’ve never ever played with 6 players on a board game.
So I am wondering if I should even bother.

6 characters to choose from with only four players max.

Should the characters have skills nominated to them? Should they be earned in the game? Should the characters be picked by players or randomly selected?

Skill cards would be cool and in fact it seems like right path, though I would prefer to make these a rare thing, where one lucky player earns a skill for the rest of the game. Maybe a Fairy: Player releases a fairy – pick the player with the lowest number of stones and they may take a “Gift of the Forest” card.
2 ways to get a skill.

Fairy: Placed within the Groves, grants lowest stone bearer a skill card.
Rune Stone: Stones are all picked from a bag, marked stones grant a skill card. Total of 4 stones in the bag.

Each player may have one Forest Gift max.
There will be a total of 6 skill and 6 permanent weapon/apparel cards.
These cards may not be sold or traded.



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