The six cards work, but only 6 cards with skill that aren’t used that much isn’t that exciting as you don’t always get them and you can only have 1.

Perhaps if gaining a stone granted you an immediate roll on a table that allows player to:

  1. Teleport: May move model anywhere on the table
  2. Gain Arrows: May immediately win D3 Arrows (1-2: 1, 3-4: 2, 5-6: 3)
  3. Curse: May destroy one danger on the table (excluding monkey king and fogs)
  4. Free turn: May take a free turn
  5. Steal: May steal any tile from one nominated player.
  6. Ghost: May ignore the next Danger.

They could be called Songs of the Forest.

When ever a Kodame finds a stone, the forest sings a song granting the champion a special favor.



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