The new Songs of the Forest idea worked great.
Played a game with my friend, his daughters and my son, I was mostly concerned about keeping interest and flow of the game; though they were all interested in the artwork and the game play. The competitive side of the kids came out, each claiming who was going to get the stones first.

It was also a first 5 player game, which almost took an hour, so I am glad I changed the rules to collect 3 stones instead of the 5 with two players.

The songs worked great, rolling every time someone collects a stone and immediately playing a boost gave the kids something forward to winning them.

The forest sings and rejoices when a Kodame champion earns an Inti Stone, when a player earns a stone, they must immediately roll a die and follow the results rule:

  1. Nothing, happens, the forest is quiet and next player takes their turn
  2. Teleport: “Wind whirls around the champion as they are taken to the place they need to be most.” May move model anywhere on the table.
  3. Gain Arrows: “A bundle of arrows wrapped in a leaf appear magically in front of the Kodame”. May immediately win D3 Arrows (1-2: 1, 3-4: 2, 5-6: 3)
  4. Curse: “Clouds form in the sky and lighting strikes in the distance”. May destroy one danger on the table (excluding monkey king and fogs)
  5. Free turn: “The world turns grey and wind rushes as everything begins to move slowly”. May take a free turn
  6. Steal: “Instead of singing, you hear a child’s laughter as food suddenly appears in front of you”. May steal any food tile from one nominated player.

I’d like to update these with a poem for the description of the boost, seen as they are Songs of the Forest.



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