Deep within an ancient, forgotten forest, live ancient spirits called the Elder Trees, that sleep for many, many years to help the forest grow within their dreams. While they sleep, they leave small forest spirits called Kodame to plant seeds, help animals in need and most importantly to guard the Elder Tree and their home.

Every few hundred years, the Elder trees wake up from their slumber in need of Inti light energy to restore their magic. Too weak and tired, they are unable to find the source of this magic for themselves, they choose their bravest and strongest kodame and send them on a quest to find  ancient rocks that absorb Inti magic from the sun.

The journey is long and perilous as kodame are not the only ones looking for the Inti stones. Old dark magic also uses the power of the stones to revive zomkey warriors from the dead and monkey thieves, gangs and other monsters lurk the forests, drawn to the power that can be gained from such a treasure.